My task management system

 task management
I try and keep it as simple as possible.
I’m somewhat dependent on Evernote. It’s on all my devices. I grab links, take photos and jot down notes. In fact, I’m so dependent on Evernote that I subscribe to Premium, even though I don’t know what extra benefits I receive.

I have a note called “Someday Maybe”, and another called “Projects to do”.

Both lists have headings:

Managerpedia (my personal blog)
My Productivity Coach (my new business) (the habit tracking/training coaching platform)
Home and Family


On a periodic basis (sometimes weekly and sometimes more frequently) I take items from Someday Maybe note and move them to Projects to Do.


Every morning, I look at my diary and check to see what meetings and other commitments I have and figure out how much time I have left over. I’m always conservative with my time because invariably there will be surprises.


Then, I grab the tasks from Projects to Do that are either most urgent, more important, or a mix of both and note them down on a “half index card”. On a weekday, I have one side for Myfreight and the other half for a bit of everything else. I call the other side “Me”. On the weekends, there’s just one side – “Me”.

I work on the items on the index card. I don’t number them. I tend to grab the ones I feel like doing. For example, today’s list for “Me” was:

Write a letter to get out of speeding fines. (Home and Family)
Publish blog post for managerpedia. 
Load a week of content into buffer.
Write a blog post about My Task Management System
Order more Trubrain. (“biohack” might still work as a 25% discount coupon)
Buy new running shoes. (Pearl Izumi Road N2)


Apparently, I’m writing the blog post now. After that, it’s just coaching, and I’m done.

It’s not a perfect system, but I find it simple to maintain and resilient to random events. Some days I don’t get everything done, but I rarely miss anything genuinely important.


On the many days when I finish everything I enjoy the sense of satisfaction as I rip up the card, sit down and read, or talk to some folks.


What about you? Can you suggest improvements or do you have alternatives I should consider?

Let me know in the comments.

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