Email Handyman


Does this sound like you?

  • Your inbox is always overflowing
  • Your computer and smartphone are continuously buzzing with email interruptions, keeping you from your “real” work
  • Managing email is taking more time than it should
  • You’re losing sight of what’s important in all the clutter
  • You keep falling behind, and everybody seems to be waiting for a response

Wouldn’t you rather that..

  • You empty your inbox every day, using your desktop or smartphone to quickly process everything that comes in
  • You have more oversight of your tasks and pending requests; you feel more calm and in control
  • People know they can depend on you to respond on time and meet deadlines
  • You work quickly and efficiently, without distraction
  • Email helps you, not hinders you; it’s not taking over your life, leaving you plenty of time for the “real” work you do

We can help!

  • Through training for yourself or your team
  • In-house and online workshops
  • In 7 languages in over 10 countries worldwide
  • Short and practical workshops
  • Suitable for all email clients, including mobile devices

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