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Business, personal and professional coaching

A great option if you’re local to me in Melbourne, Australia.

On the phone, in person and on site.

I’m not an expert in your business, but I can help direct your energy and knowledge in the right direction.

Call me on +61 419 134 461 or contact me and we can talk about the possibilities.


Phone consultations via

$USD 75 per 30 minutes

One on one calls anywhere in the world.

Focusing on daily tasks, strategy and planning. Bounce ideas, challenges, problems off me and we’ll see what happens.

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Online habit coaching via

USD$14.99 per week

One-on-one coaching via chat is a weekly subscription to personal service.

I’ll provide mentorship and accountability to assist you to achieve your goals.

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Corporate Email training with Email Handyman Australia

Email Handyman helps people more effectively deal with their daily deluge of email.

Our individual and group training sessions show people how to get and stay on top of tasks, with less time wasted on processing, tracking, and finding messages.

Each session equips participants with handy tricks to simplify and speed up daily email processing, resulting in an empty inbox, a clearer overview of to-dos, and more hours spent actually getting things done on a daily basis.

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Email Handyman





If you’re unsure whether I’m the right coach for you, take a look at the testimonials and see if they reflect the changes you wish to make.