Marshall Hughes

What I’m doing now.

As Passel starts to ramp up, I’ve spent January registering Delivery Members and beginning negotiations with major retailers around the Passel Pilot.

This involves a lot of talking, a lot of emails and a lot of coffee.

I’m thankful to Les from Stereo Espresso for keeping me caffeinated and to James, Cam and my co-workers at The Frankston Foundry for keeping me focused and motivated.

I’ve been reading Star Wars canon novels so I can figure out what is officially Star Wars history now. My top 10 barely scraped into the Triple J Hottest 200. I figure I am getting too old for youth radio!

I’ve stopped taking on new clients at, but apparently my free week code “MARSHALLWEEK” still works, so go for your life!

Take care,


Updated February 1, 2017.