Recommended reading




Recommended Reading

I read as much as I possibly can. Here’s a sample of non-fiction and business / personal development books I can highly recommend.

The Power of No – James and Claudia Altucher
James and Claudia don’t filter. This book is at times brutally honest and astonishingly refreshing. I listened to the audiobook, narrated by the authors and burned through it – twice – in a few days.

The Obstacle is the Way – Ryan Holiday
Sometimes we avoid the difficult things in search of the easiest thing. Ryan distills thousands of years of philosophy into a book that has convinced me we should be doing the opposite. I’m trying to live by the motto – if something is hard, do it more often.

The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin
 Josh was the subject of the book (and movie) “Searching for Bobby Fisher” but this book is about much more than that. Josh has learned how to learn. From chess to some insane form of full contact tai chi, Josh talks about the theory – the art – of how to learn.

The 80/20 Principle – Richard Koch
Everyone “knows” the 80/20 or pareto principle. Here Richard talks about when and how to use it, both for business and personal purposes. Once you realise you are effectively wasting 80% of your time, things start to change…

Getting Things Done – David Allen
In a world where many of us are living with infinite opportunities and plenty of things to do to distract us, David’s book helps focus and do things. Although a little dated in parts – really needs to talk about Evernote – the fundamentals are strong.

The Personal MBA – Josh Kaufmann
Josh has nailed this book. Lots and lots of things you need to know to run a business for about $20. It’ll save you $50,000 in business school. 

This book is the foundation for so much of the self-help/personal development/success literature of the last 20 years. A core philosophy built on the 7 habits will help you become happier and more effective.

I had to start with one deBono book and I chose this one. Just read it. One of the things I love about deBono’s writing is he makes everything seem so simple.

I often find that reading one book sends me down the burrow. Keep exploring yourself, or start with any one of these.


If you click on the links above and buy the book, I may receive a small payment from amazon. Not much, but it does help offset the costs of  running the site. I only recommend books and products I genuinely believe in and have used myself.