Things people have said about My Productivity Coach

“Marshall completely transformed my relationship with email. I no longer let email interrupt my day–in fact, I’ve even hidden my email and slack apps in a folder on my phone. I only check when I mean to check. Plus, Marshall helped me get a lot more efficient so that when I do check, I’m spending less time processing my inbox.”

– Tony

“I was really overwhelmed by my email, feeling I didn’t have any time to do “real” work. Marshall helped me regain a sense of control over my email and my time, while also appreciating my individual preferences and circumstances. Greatly appreciated!”

– Kristi

“Marshall’s advice on Inbox Zero resulted in removing 25,000 personal and 9,600 work emails from my inbox and keeping the number under 15 on an ongoing basis. He tailored his program to meet my timeline and needs and followed up consistently. He is a great coach!”

– Carolina

“Marshall coached me on Inbox Zero. The results speak for themselves: I have returned my inbox to zero nearly every day (I took a break during a few vacation days) for the past 28 days now. The benefits are greater than “Isn’t it nice to look at this clean inbox?” This discipline makes better of use of your time; you get better at processing emails once, and not cycling through them multiple times. It’s not a stretch to say that it has made me enjoy work more.”

– Sean

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“Marshall has helped me make significant progress with the goal Productivity for Leaders. The opportunities for this goal have allowed Marshall to help me make progress on a morning routine, planning for the day and week ahead and gain insight into my work life. I look forward to continuing to make progress with Marshall on Productivity for Leaders!”

– Andrew

“Marshall coached me in forming new habits that mean I not only know how to achieve Inbox Zero, but how to keep it that way. I’ve tried many times over the years to achieve this, but every time I got my inbox empty, a few busy days would see the beginning of a slow slide into chaos once again. And the only way of keeping on top of things seemed to be to spend hours every day wading through emails. The new habits and simple strategies that Marshall introduced me to mean that now I receive far fewer emails and do a much better job of managing my own and other people’s expectations regarding when they will be dealt with. I no longer have that nagging feeling that I’m missing something important, despite the fact that I now spend less than five hours a week in my email inbox. So thanks Marshall. I would definitely recommend this coaching to anyone who has a busy life and a lot of priorities to juggle. More time, less mental clutter. It’s all good!”

– Jay

“Thank you, Marshall. Both seeing and knowing I have my email Inbox under more control is quite an exhilarating feeling. For some years, I’ve struggled with anything less than 50 to 100 emails in my inbox at the end of a day. Now when I close my email program and turn off my computer for the day, I find I wake up to just 0 to maybe 10. If it’s closer to 10, it’s because those emails required I sleep on the next step whatever the action. Now my emails are almost in synch with my to-do list. Marshall shared his lessons and answered my questions with a personal response. I love looking forward to greater space for productivity each day now. Whatever your work and if you have already tried on your own unsuccessfully to free yourself from Inbox hell, Marshall will help you reach your goal.”

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– Patricia

“INBOX ZERO. OMG It’s actually empty. Not just “empty of newish stuff and junk” but EMPTY, for the first time since 2001. I had gotten my Inbox down to a couple hundred saved messages earlier but now it’s EMPTY. I went through some of those couple hundred saved messages and some are clearly out-of-date (now deleted). The rest got group-glumped into “archive” where they are searchable if needed and will probably never be seen or wanted again. Computer memory is cheap (and virtually limitless). Open loops in my own brain are neither.”

– Lee

“Marshall was my coach for the “Productivity for Leaders” goal and was terrific. I needed help staying focused on my most important tasks and Marshall approached the goal from multiple angles. He asked insightful questions, challenged me when I needed it, and offer many suggestions that were right on-target. It was a pleasure working with him, learning a bit of Australian-speak, and making positive changes. Highly recommended!”

– Greg

“Marshall helped me systematize my email checking/reading/executing so that I spent less time getting more done and clearing that inbox on a regular basis. Thanks!”

– Rachel

“The Goal: Productivity for Leaders. I asked Marshall to help me focus on my One Thing that I needed to do to maximize productivity. He kept asking me good questions to help me focus on what that One Thing should be and helped me think through a lot of my concerns.”

– Dan

“Coach Marshall is amazing! He helped me clean out my 60,000 email inbox! He helped me create the daily habits and stay accountable to my goals (which actually create more peace and harmony in my everyday life)! Thanks Coach Marshall! I could have never done it without you!!!”

– Kristine

“This is a great way to change how you interact and communicate. I was buried in email. I’d make progress, but they’d just keep coming… I went from thousands of e-mail messages in my inbox to zero – and I’ve kept it that way. Surprisingly, through the process, I became more proactive, more responsive and more effective. Thanks a million Marshall!”

– Mark

“Marshall has been coaching me in “Inbox Zero” and I have to say, his encouragement, expert advice, and methods for keeping me accountable to myself, have helped me turn my life around. Not only was my work e-mail out of control, but my personal e-mail as well, due to my significant volunteer commitments. I was anxious, snappy, unproductive, and feeling stuck in a rut as I despaired of ever having the time to plan where I’d like to be going. Enter Marshall and his 21-day plan to Inbox Zero! Marshall’s know-how, and low-pressure reminders to me, during my false starts, and the periods where I got cold feet, made all the difference, and helped keep me on track to achieve the goal of “Inbox Zero”. Thanks to Marshall’s coaching, I feel able to set my own boundaries, at work and in volunteering; I’m vastly more productive; and I finally have time to consider and plan how I want to develop professionally. You too can feel the Zen-like calm of “Inbox Zero” – so get to it!”

– April

“Marshall is a wonderful coach, very focused in helping me reach my goals. He is very knowledgeable and gave me extremely useful hints and techniques in being more organised and SMART, bringing a reasonable dose of humor. If you are looking for someone who can help you figure out your goals and move towards them, Marshall is the man!”

– Daniele

“I got coached by Marshall in Inbox Zero, and he was very helpful. His plan is solid and well thought out, but he also worked with me on individual questions and challenges. My inbox is now under control. Thanks Marshall!”

– Molly

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“Marshall provided valuable information and encouragement as I worked towards improving my productivity. Hope to work with him again sometime!”

– Rosemarie

“Marshall was of great help to help me change my email habits for the better. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to change their email habits or needs a break from their full inbox. Many thanks!”

– Alexander

“Marshall helped me with with getting my Inbox to Zero. I was already managing my inbox quite well, but Marshall helped me managing it even better and after having around 20-30 emails for a long time I know managed to have around 0-10 emails in my inbox. Marshall helped me gather a couple of useful tips and trips, for example a useful out of office message you can use during your workday.

Marshall also didn’t just help me with my Inbox to Zero, but was helpful with answering several other questions I had, for example with regard to the Coach.me concept. I can highly recommend Marshall as a coach to anyone wanting to get his inbox more under control, while at the same time having someone that is willing to help on other questions that come up in the meantime.

Thank you Marshall!”

– Thomas

“WOW! I did it! With the help of my coach Marshall, I have managed to keep my emails from overwhelming me. The steps were doable and easy to follow and Marshall was very helpful and encouraging along the way!”

– Alice

“Thanks Marshall for helping me to have more control !! With your advices, e-mails won’t be a obstacle for my productivity again.”

– Javi

“Marshall was a great help to me with taming my email. He gave me solid strategies for using email while avoiding it taking over my life. I now handle my email and still have tons of time to do other things. That was the best part, setting strategies in place that let me free up time for more interesting things besides email. Thanks!”

– Cristi

“Marshall helped me reach inbox zero, something that I’ve been challenged with since I can remember. His systems are amazing and his instructions are very clear. He maintains an excellent line of communication and open dialog. Hire Marshall as your coach. He will help you hit break through!”

– Chris

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“Marshall helped me get on top of my email. He’s great!”

– Kathleen

“I started working with Marshall to get on top of my inbox and he sure has helped me achieve that. His basic plan is great, but he adapts that and guides you through making it work for your own circumstances. Well within 21 days I was down to inbox zero and have pretty much stayed there since. Occasionally things start to build, but I have the tools and techniques to get on top of things within a day or two.

Since then, we’ve moved on to looking at my overall productivity, and again Marshall has been a great help. I’ve used Evernote quite extensively for years, but kept getting overwhelmed. Marshall has given me some simple techniques to simplify my workflow and keep focussed on what’s important.

He’s a genuinely lovely guy who loves to help, listening to your situation and suggesting ways to make positive changes. Definitely recommended!”

– Dan

“Really enjoyed working with Marshall on my email. It’s under control for the first time ever!”

– Anna

“Marshall was great in providing simple actionable steps in cleaning out my inbox to have Inbox Zero! I’ve kept my inbox clean since and love it! Also I no longer have a ton of folders, just an Archive Hire Marshall and you’ll be happy with your email like me! :)”

– Devin

“Marshall did a fabulous job coaching me in reaching and maintaining a zero inbox.”

– Marie

“This has been a very productive and enjoyable ride. A lot of it is mental discipline and shift, enforced and sustained by habit and having Marshall as a guide made the difference. Thank You”

– Tariq

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