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Hi, I’m Marshall Hughes,

I help make things happen.

I worked my way from sales and customer service, to be Chief Operating Officer of Myfreight, helping the business grow from a small broker, with only a handful of staff, to Australia’s premier freight management company.

As a leader among my employees, I was the first person they came to when needing help. Rather than giving them the answer right away, I asked them how they may fix it. And, if their solution was one that might work, we would give it a go.

People describe me as honest, creative, organised and balanced. I am a lateral thinker who has a knack for finding solutions to problems others don’t tend to think of.

I was integral to the creation and development of Myfreight, which has quickly become the leading freight management platform in Australia. With Myfreight I added a new string to my bow, that of “product owner” in an agile, cloud-based, software development project.

Now, with 25 years’ business experience, I’m embarking on a new adventure.

More than ever, through redundancies, downsizing and simply higher expectations, managers are called on to make decisions outside their area of expertise. Financial specialists are making operational decisions, HR managers are involved in marketing and everyone has a hand in IT.

Managerpedia is a source of professional information for these managers.

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